iS4B and IDOM Consulting Announce Alliance to Support Financial Reporting and Compliance Worldwide

Alliance reconnects two well-regarded banking executives within the financial services community, Vincent Raniere and Stephen Codignotto

Miami, Florida – May 3, 2018: iSoftware4Banks, Inc. (iS4B), a global technology and consultancy firm supporting financial institutions in efficient operations and effective financial reporting and compliance worldwide, and IDOM Consulting, LLC (IDOM), a custom banking automation and management consulting services provider, are pleased to announce their strategic alliance. The firms will collaborate to offer specialized consultancy services to the financial industry to support efficient and effective financial reporting and compliance worldwide. This alliance reconnects two well-regarded banking executives within the financial services community, Vincent Raniere, CEO and Founder of iS4B, and Stephen Codignotto, CEO of IDOM.

Raniere and Codignotto previously co-founded IDOM, Inc. which sold its proprietary software solutions to a third party in 2009. Prior, IDOM, Inc. had established an experienced work force to service its clients and was the U.S. and Caribbean market leader in regulatory reporting automation with the REG-Reporter solution (REG-Reporter is currently owned by Lombard Risk, headquartered in London). Additionally, IDOM, Inc. was awarded major regulatory reporting and compliance consultancy projects with many prestigious domestic and international banks, on a global basis.

Mr. Raniere, CEO and Founder of iS4B, commented: “When you reflect upon how Steve and I grew IDOM, Inc. — through the dedication of our employees and clients over the years to dominate the regulatory reporting arena with REG-Reporter, a solution that made processing of returns easier and on a straight thru basis, in conjunction with industry specific consultancy services — it was an easy decision to form this alliance to offer similar type services to assist the banking community meet today’s ever-expanding regulatory reporting requirements.” Raniere further stated: “I look forward to working with Steve again and joining forces to build upon our previous successes in the regulatory reporting industry.”

Mr. Codignotto, IDOM CEO, commented: “Working with iS4B and specifically Vincent, we are able to leverage our business experiences and strengths to better serve our clients who have come to trust and value our financial services knowledge and ability to take their business to new dimensions.” Codignotto further noted: “Founded as a service company, IDOM takes pride in our history of partnering with our clients to help achieve best practices throughout their organizations. We enable clients to optimize the power of their own resources and achieve significant gains in efficiency, data accessibility and cost savings.”

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