iS4B Appoints Marisol Rosero-Jurado as Senior Manager for Regulatory Compliance

A self-motivated leader with over 30 years of banking experience in the financial industry, Marisol is set to further develop and manage the iS4B’s compliance consultancy division.

Marisol joined iSoftware4Banks in January 2019. Her approach to managing compliance is to strike an appropriate balance between meeting regulatory and enforcement expectations and our customer needs.

Throughout her distinguished career, she held numerous key roles. Most recently, Marisol focused on supporting the operations and compliance departments of world-class banking institutions. Having worked with large financial institutions such as Citibank and HSBC, Marisol understands process, procedure, and workflow to quickly pinpoint areas which require attention and recommend and implement the policies, procedures, monitoring systems and reporting procedures necessary to ensure that due diligence is maintained, regulatory standards are met, and that client relationships remain intact.

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