iSoftware4Banks Proudly Announces its Hong Kong Subsidiary

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iS4B International (Hong Kong) Limited to provide local support to the APAC Region

Miami, Florida – October 30, 2018: iSoftware4Banks, Inc. (iS4B), a global consultancy and technology firm supporting financial institutions in efficient operations, compliance, and effective financial reporting worldwide, is pleased to announce the recent establishment of its fully owned subsidiary, iS4B International (Hong Kong) Limited.

Under this subsidiary, the iS4B team of seasoned operations and regulatory reporting and compliance professionals will provide business development, strategic planning, and implementation support for a variety of software solutions to financial services institutions throughout the APAC region. More specifically, with its proficiency in the automation of financial regulatory reporting—plus firsthand experience of its impacts on technology and operations within the financial industry—iS4B will be instrumental in providing regulatory reporting and management information solutions to help its APAC clients meet their business objectives in this space.

Mr. Vincent Raniere, CEO and Founder of iS4B, comments: “I’m really excited to expand our global footprint into the region and share our wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of regulatory reporting and compliance within the APAC region using Hong Kong as our key business hub.”

Raniere further notes: “Current regulatory requirements demand the systematic and timely analyses of transactions and relationships. Patterns and trends need to be up-to-date and aligned with the changes in channels, systems and standards. Another key focus is enabling clients with efficient technologies for effecting payment processes—while increasing revenue. Institutions are turning towards collaborative arrangements to stay competitive while becoming more efficient and maintaining cost control. iS4B offers a wide range of specialized support services tailored to meet the demands of these high-priorities.”

To facilitate the subsidiary establishment, iS4B interviewed several CPA firms in Hong Kong from a qualified list provided by Invest HK. Based on its streamlined registration services, team support and guidance, iS4B selected CW CPA to establish the iS4B International (Hong Kong) Limited company, as a fully owned subsidiary of iSoftware4Banks, Inc.

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