Liquidity Management – a Real Time Payments Challenge

Solid liquidity management helps ensures the availability of funds to meet all cash outflow commitments for day-to-day operations and deploys cash in an optimal manner. It implies managing cash on a global level for the purpose of minimizing idle cash, reducing external debt, and optimizing returns on excess cash by grasping better investment opportunities. Having worldwide operations throws open myriad challenges in the form of timing the flow of funds, handling multiple currencies, regulations, and the difference in liquidity management strategies being followed, etc. The core premise of liquidity management is to have a centralized global view of the cash and a global liquidity managemen

The Clearing House on The Race for Real Time Payments in the US

The article that was published on (1) triggers an array of thoughts on how, when and where this exciting journey in the payments space will take us to. HOW: …Is it a sprint or a marathon? Let us first summarize where we are. The Clearing House Real-Time Payments (RTPs) capability went live in 2017. Few points to note: Pick-up across the US has been slow Participants range from a handful of Money Center Banks Ten large Regionals and two large Foreign Banks incorporated in the US Zelle is the other provider of RTPs to customers of its associated member banks As Russ points out in the article, there are several reasons for the slow pick-up across the US… In my opinion, the main fac

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