Legerity Limited partners with iSoftware4Banks Inc.

Partnership to deliver finance innovation for US banking and insurance firms

London, 17th January 2022. Legerity Limited and iSoftware4Banks Inc. announced today that the companies have entered a strategic partnership that will build on both parties’ extensive industry knowledge to deliver finance transformation in the US banking and insurance markets.

iSoftware4Banks is a team of bankers, industry insiders, investors, and operations specialists with a commitment to innovation within the financial services sector. The agreement brings together a shared vision of how firms can transform the way they deliver finance, based upon Legerity’s cloud native accounting rules platform and years of practical industry experience.

“We are delighted to announce Legerity’s partnership with iSoftware4Banks.” Says Jeremy Wood, CEO of Legerity. “We look forward to combining both teams’ extensive expertise which supports Legerity’s exciting move into the US market.”

“iSoftware4Banks is pleased to be embarking on this new opportunity with Legerity,” said Vincent Raniere, CEO of iSoftware4Banks. “We have a well-established client base and network in the US and together with the experienced team at Legerity and their award winning FastPost Accounting Rules Platform can help improve and transform finance operations.”

Banks and insurance firms will be able to utilize Legerity’s award-winning FastPost Accounting Rules Platform to deliver digital transformation, regulatory compliance and improved efficiency while achieving cost reduction, enhanced business insight and commercial agility.

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