Our Valued Partners


ALMetrics provide a range of services assisting banks in developing a pro-active and integrated balance sheet management process. Their approach gives a guaranteed improvement of 10% in Net Interest Income, with low-risk strategies and proven methodology, with experience and knowledge gained and applied over 20 years with many clients.



AutoRek is a leading global provider of financial controls and data management solutions.  Since 1994, AutoRek has been consistently delivering customizable solutions to companies in the asset management, banking, and insurance sectors.  Please refer to the documents below for solution information.


ComplianceAid Advisory Services

ComplianceAid Advisory Services (CAAS), is an international consulting firm which provides bespoke, reliable and confidential advice to public and private sector clients in many of the two hundred and eight (208) countries and territories comprising the global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) network, and covers Africa, Asia Pacific Region, the Caribbean, across the Americas, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.  With the benefit of the combined 54 years’ experience and expertise of our Founders, CAAS can competently address all the Pre and Post Compliance Assessment requirements of the AML/CFT and other standard setters, deliver Technical Assistance and Training to all stakeholders and undertake public affairs strategy formulation and implementation in keeping with your national best interests and security.



Finexio brings efficiency and control to the AP payments process while offering middle market firms a new, more profitable way of looking at their payables.

Using proprietary analytics and remote-enabled automation and technology, Finexio drives maximum electronic payment acceptance and supplier enrollment in virtual card programs – all while helping to streamline AP payments processes.  With Finexio, businesses see significant reductions in costs, increased cashflow and greater internal productivity and efficiencies.  No technology investment required.



iS4B is an IBM Registered Business Partner.  A strategic partnership with IBM allows iS4B’s experienced professionals to offer you the most advanced products in system technologies.



IDOM is a provider of management consulting and custom banking automation services to the domestic and international banking industry whose solutions have been proven through many years of global banking experience. 

​The company’s staff is comprised of career bankers and systems specialists whose knowledge lies in banking and banking technology, with specific expertise in financial operations, management, accounting, and reporting. Services range from business planning to post-implementation and include management consulting and training in the use of its own and other vendors’ software products.



Legerity is a global accounting rules software firm that helps you make better business decisions. They provide an accounting rules platform that’s changing the way Insurance, Banking and Telco firms think about their back-office processes.

Their platform takes huge volumes of complicated data and processes it in the cloud at ultra-fast speed – giving its clients the ability to meet regulations and drive innovation.   Legerity helps unlock the true value of data – making sure back-end processes can keep pace with change, deliver the products your customers need and drive value for the business. 



iS4B is an authorized System Integrator/Consultant and Referral Partner of Fiorano. 

​Founded in 1995, Fiorano is a global Corporation with proven leadership in Integration middleware, API Management and peer-to-peer distributed systems. Fiorano’s innovative digital business platform integrates applications and complex technologies into an enterprise nervous system, increases business process performance, yields higher message throughput and enhances availability through agent-based visual composition that bridges the capability gap between business models and their implementation, reducing costs and complexity.