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AutoRek Announces US Partnership with iSoftware4Banks

Scottish fintech company, AutoRek, a leading software provider to global financial services firms

announces its partnership with iSoftware4Banks, a US-based provider of services to support effective financial reporting and compliance.

AutoRek and iSoftware4Banks are joining forces to meet their common goals of improved automation and delivering ROI in the financial services space. Combining highly experienced consultants with leading data management technologies will help achieve this.

The partnership stemmed from the unprecedented events of 2020. The historically office-based financial services industry has moved from the environment it has always known to company-wide working from home within a matter of days. This resulted in various operational issues surfacing across banks, credit unions, investment managers and insurance firms, thereby requiring IT infrastructure, systems and outsourced services to be reviewed globally to future proof robust operational resilience strategies to ensure uninterrupted service.