Vincent Raniere

Vincent Raniere

Chairman & CEO

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for iSoftware4Banks, Inc., Mr. Vincent Raniere provides a deep understanding of the banking industry framework with over 40 years of banking, business development, and regulatory compliance experience in the financial services industry. Mr. Raniere’s proficiency in automation of financial regulatory reporting, along with his firsthand experience of its impact on technology and operations, provides him a successful career in business development, strategic planning, and implementation of a variety of software solutions across the world. While majoring in Accounting at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business in New York, USA, Mr. Raniere commenced his banking career as a highly regarded problem solver and intuitive leader. Managing over 150 bankers responsible for Accounting, Operations & Technology Departments, Mr. Raniere excelled in streamlining operations and implementing controls enabling greater efficiencies. Mr. Raniere progressed from banking to software solution provider co-founding IDOM Inc., one time a subsidiary of Deloitte. Mr. Raniere became IDOM’s President & CFO directing the creation of REG-Reporter, a leading financial regulatory reporting solution implemented in over 125 banks worldwide prior to selling. Mr. Raniere also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the AMLFC (Anti-Money Laundering Financial Crimes) Institute and as an Advisor to the Board of RIKING Software System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mr. Raniere also enjoys an active membership in the US Faster Payments Council, Association for Financial Technology, EDM Council and attained his CAMS certification from the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

Background history

While majoring in Accounting at Pace University in New York, Vinnie commenced his banking career at UBAF Arab American Bank.  As a highly regarded problem solver and hardworking intuitive leader, he grew swiftly through the ranks from Accounting to Senior Vice President & Controller at the age of 32.  Managing over 150 people responsible for Accounting, Operations & Technology Departments, Vinnie streamlined operations and implemented controls enabling greater efficiencies.  With creative visions of enhancing financial data reporting perspectives and controls further, Vinnie progressed from banking to software solution provider by co-founding IDOM Inc.  There he utilized the depth of his banking experience, strong motivation, and confident determination to develop the software and business development strategies necessary to promote their software product lines to help serve the ever-growing needs of the banking industry worldwide.

At IDOM Inc., at one time a subsidiary of Deloitte, Vinnie became its President & CFO.  He was instrumental liaising with banking regulators to create various regulatory compliance software products and successfully developing business strategies to promote them.  While at IDOM Inc., he directed the creation of REG-Reporter, a leading financial regulatory reporting solution, as well as, other automated solutions implemented within over 125 banks within the Americas.  During his time at IDOM Inc., Vinnie developed strong client relationships and alliances with partners across the globe leading a strategic business expansion effort solving the needs of several top tier banking clients, as well as, other mid-range domestic and international financial institutions.

Vinnie later co-founded and continues to maintain a 50 % investment in IDOM – Middle East, Inc., the holding company of Amerab Business Solutions, s.a.l., based in Lebanon.  Vinnie established the company’s operational structure and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East to develop business relationships and promote its offerings of products and services throughout the region.  The company today provides banks in 10 countries with a variety of Anti-Money Laundering software, along with other bank compliance related products and services.  In Lebanon alone, the company supports 40% of the banks and maintains close ties to the Central Bank.

Upon SOFGEN’s and Lombard Risk’s acquisition of IDOM Inc.’s clients and products, Vinnie was committed to serve each as a critical resource by continuing to support his clientele and product line as defined.  As SOFGEN’s Executive Vice President- Global Head of Product Sales, he demonstrated strong sales track record further promoting the company’s professional services and existing product line, along with the newly acquired regulatory software product line, as well as, integrating both within his existing client relationships.  At Lombard Risk, Vinnie served as Managing Director of Regulatory Reporting for the US and APAC enabled the expansion of their client base leveraging upon his financial product knowledge and respected reputation within the international banking community.  He then relocated to Singapore to serve as Managing Director for APAC to promote the expansion of all product lines within the APAC region.  Responsible for the development of sales and resources across the local operations of offices throughout Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, Vinnie traveled extensively throughout Asia. He succeeded by leveraging upon prior client relationships, as well as, developing new clients and working with business alliance partners.  His efforts to meet Lombard’s business expansion goals in the region were surpassed and enabled the team to grow to over 35 percent within his last two years.  He also attracted professional banking and technical resources to service the growth established in clientele and developed the essential operational control processes necessary to efficiently support such.

Vinnie has recently established iSoftware4Banks Inc. and Regulatory Reporting Association, Inc.  Cognizant of the growing needs of financial institutions around the world today, the opportunities for utilizing strategic resources and alliances to maximize the use of existing data and automation tools now available, are endless.  Vinnie’s mission at iSoftware4Banks Inc. is to assist banks in strategic planning of software implementations and the alignment of resources, processes, data, and controls necessary to achieve their regulatory automation goals more effectively.  The Regulatory Reporting Association, Inc.’s mission is to further develop and support specialized training efforts and promote crucial networking among financial professionals responsible for compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.  The Association strives to maintain its members awareness of new technologies, controls, and processes available to better support the growing needs of the financial industry.

Throughout his career, Vinnie continues to serve on the Board of the American Bankers Association’s subsidiary, the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade servicing top financial institutions around the world.  As Board Member, Vinnie maintains strategic bank relationships and vendor alliances.  Vinnie also enjoys an active membership of the Association of Financial Professionals and attained his CAMS certification from the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.