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Vinnie Raniere, a self-motivated leader and successful entrepreneur, provides a deep understanding of the banking industry framework with over 40 years of banking, business development, and regulatory compliance experience in the financial services industry.  His extensive background in software development, strategic planning, and resource maximization has enabled numerous financial institutions to meet their automation objectives on a global scale efficiently and effectively.  With proficiency in automation of financial regulatory reporting and firsthand experience of its impact on technology and operations within the financial industry, Vinnie enjoys a successful career in business development, strategic planning, and implementations of a variety of software solutions across the globe. 


Capitalizing on his financial banking knowledge, executive network, and regulatory compliance background enables Vinnie to relate to C-level positions and develop integral client relationships.  Through relocations and extensive travel spanning the globe throughout his career, Vinnie maintains an extensive relationship network with both financial institutions and software providers around the world.  With demonstrated ability to attract clients throughout the US, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and across Asia, Vinnie has capitalized on these relationships.  He maintains a broad global perspective when focusing on the need for effective and efficient financial reporting solutions.  Throughout his career, his dedication to developing and implementing numerous business strategies, processes, and software solutions have led hundreds of banks to achieve their automation goals around the world.

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