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We are a team of bankers, industry insiders, investors, and operations specialists with a shared commitment to innovation in the banking sector.  Through our collective understanding of banking and operations, and extensive global experience with automation challenges, we are uniquely positioned to help financial institutions succeed in the modern world.


At iS4B, you will find all the latest automation resources and service providers to innovate, automate, and optimize your company’s operations.  Whether you are a bank, credit union, or other industry operator, we can help!

  • Meet both new and current industry standards through cost effective consultancy on services, systems, and software applications via our partners that will transform and modernize your company’s operations. 

  • Gain access to specialized personnel and industry-leading automation tools to streamline operations, and adapt to an increasingly remote environment in the post-pandemic world.

  • Navigate a world of rapidly changing delivery channels, new system requirements, and novel industry standards, such as real time payments, SWIFT GPI, ISO20022, PSD2, and Open Banking.

  • Become part of a global network of automation tools and initiatives to optimize product and project management, compliance, accounting, and regulatory reporting.


Let us be your go-to resource for innovative solutions, operational expertise, and consulting resources for modern banking.



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