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Today financial institutions face a myriad of rules, regulations and mandates as well as facing challenges in the payments arena while assisting both their internal operations groups and customers in navigating through new industry initiatives such as real time payments, PSD2, GDPR and GPI.


At iSoftware4Banks we offer a wide range of services tailored to support efficient operations and effective financial reporting and compliance worldwide.  We are cognizant of the ever-expanding needs for financial reporting accuracy and speed.


Our team of operations and financial regulatory reporting professionals are here to serve the automation needs of the financial industry around the world.  iSoftware4Banks partners with its clients to solve their operations and compliance goals and financial reporting requirements.  We integrate our expertise with the critical elements of personnel, control processes, and data integrity to develop tactical solutions. 


We provide the strategic business planning, specialized training, and operational transition support needed to understand and maximize the revenue and benefits of both the new and existing operational and compliance policies and procedures.

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